fresh from the jordan lab



so much nothingness has been going on, that the #sneakerstruggle is now something to write about.

Sneaker struggles, connection troubles
cuss and fuss while my size sells fast
take it out on the trackpad, tap tap tap
it’s the latest drop from the Jordan Lab
Them 5Lab3’s and them 3Lab5’s
The rage for kicks, hide your kids and wives
For when I step out with them fresh on my feet
that 3M reflection will make your knees go weak
I don’t ball no more, been retired three years
now I play a different game, fight a different fear
scoring a pair in size seven and a half
be like sinking a three before the final buzz
and when I miss out on a pair of III’s
that sinking feeling sticks with me for weeks
like we’ve been sent fishing, out of the race
no longer with a chance in the title chase.