go check out lostintheecho.com, Linkin Park’s new Interactive video.

it connects via Facebook to personalize the video.

the video doesnt make much sense since the content is changed based on the viewer, but it’s cool. the effects are cool.

but the video doesnt make much sense.

still, great idea and i think we’ll see this interactivity improve and increase.



Show Pro blog is back up and running this month, weekly posts on sound system related articles.

might get to work an off-campus call next month.

audio/video/lighting/broadcast/projection. not sure where my focus is. whatever comes.

been writing a bit, but not composing. not getting fed enough to steal from.

Epik High has signed with YG. New album next month.

134 days to winter break. わくわく(yes, i was bored enough to start counting.)