got back real quick once i got out of working a crew call, to join @m_shinoda for the LIVING THINGS LISTENING PARTY.


11 years. more than half my life that i’ve been listening t them.

i cant decide. Meteora, A Thousand Suns, or LIVING THINGS. LIES GREED MISERY, VICTIMIZED, or UNTIL IT BREAKS.

guess my 1-week summer break (next week) will be spent listening and learning. thinking and hopefully comprehending/interpreting.

great album. worth getting and listening t. so go get it.



is that a clip/click/pop i hear on “fighting” in the second phrase of CASTLE OF GLASS?

Linkin Park, Only in Theaters


had already given up all hope of making it… but lab ended incredibly early and i got someone t drive us down.

Mike’s rap before Waiting for the End, Brad and Phoenix on the Maschine Mikro and an M-Audio sampler, adding part of the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage in, the fricking awesome intro to Somewhere I Belong, the mash-up of Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day, Iridescent, performing Burn It Down, and the new track that i’ve really taken t, Lies Greed Misery.


this is music. music i’ve grown with. from Step Up till now.


now that i’ve survived the bike crash and bank fraud…


prize package from machine shop marketing, and


tickets to the LP movie. 

BUT, gon have lab monday evening, so i’ll be giving those tix away.


i don’t mind getting run over.

the issue with IEMs

Both Ears. Using just a single earphone leads to higher monitoring volumes, as performers raise its volume to match the ambient stage sound in the other ear, removing any hearing conservation benefits.

Also, it could lead to an imbalance in levels and hearing loss/deafness on one side.

Something i’ve know for a long while now, but still see happening with every other performer.