rising stars


sonic story

here’s an assignment that i have due in 2 days. point is to create a sonic story that shows movement, placement, reverberation, distance, diffraction, impulses, and such.

if you have the time, pls listen (preferably on headphones) and comment on how realistic/unrealistic the settings are. much appreciated.

all in a day

had a guest in class this morning, he been out there 2 yrs and has credits on tron legacy and a whole load of stuff. aft class was some espn music talk. ran out and right now on PTS 10/HDX webinar. gon have lab tonight till 1am and tomorrow shall be dedicated t Star Wars.

taking a step back t look at all this, wonder how much is gon apply t what’s in store for me.

it’s been too long since i got new stuff out. will get something up on soundcloud soon. been writing a bit, not putting it together though.