cds are dying,

apparently the format is gon be abandoned by end 2012.

44.1/16 PCM is gon disappear and we’re only gon be able t download mp3s and AACs, lossy data reduced files.

what happens to credits. and the jobs from packaging, designing, even pressing cds.

what happens to going out t the store and going thru rows of crystal cases, grabbing one, getting into the car and ripping off the plastic, flipping the shiny disc into the slot in the player.

so yea, most people get their ipods t the car systems anyway.

but the most important thing, even though cd’s are said to have brittle high end (only 20k-22.05k t rolloff), without cds we’d be getting almost NO high end. mp3s are gon lose the highs and lows. unless they can get us apple lossless on the itunes store, this is gon suck.

cds are dying. well the industry is dying anyway.

which is why i’m gon do live sound, ha.


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