cant rap no more

was gon record some stuff, cause i got 3-4 tracks in my folder, just lacking the vocals.

spent over 3 hours working on one track. cant spit “feet stand steady”; “brawl”; “fouls”; “towel”, among other words and phrases. bit my tongue. maybe it’s just cause it’s been sitting thr too long. written 3/27.

but i guess the reason is cause i havent been practicing. i dont speak much, and i havent been singing/rapping. at least not out loud. all my talking/rapping/reading/thinking is in my head.

i started rapping with linkin park’s tracks, and got a lil more into it with fort minor. later went into some mad-ass speed with Hope by twista. used t be able t do hope. damn. think it’s time i get back t that. listening and learning.

so i’ll take a break from recording my stuff, cause until i re-learn imitating the styles of the names out thr, i cant be creating my own.


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