pictures of the team
pictures i’m not in
i work best on my own
yet now that i’m alone
past, all that has been
feelings unforseen
welling up, sinking in


pen and paper

i’ve been thinking. chevrolet camaro yellow-black and call it bumblebee, or black-white and call it hornet. ha.


i’ve got 4 tracks waiting… sitting… 70% done (if a track can ever be considered done…)

nothing on for the rest of the week. (cept maybe a visit from a hurricane.)

so. tracks might be uploaded soon. or not.

i like my icons.

new sounds

“ROBBED BY THE WORLD” – Midi guide (work in progress)


i’m coming up with weird stuff getting ahead of myself i dont know if it’s right or wrong but i guess thr is no right or wrong in stealing creativity just that thr’s dissonance and stuff that i cant quite process and i wonder if i should make things sound “right” or make it a “mess”.


getting a lil closer t being complete once again.

got minutes to midnight, but it aint the special ed i initially had, and it’s the amended version (radio safe). whaaat.