watched a documentary aft test tday, “what the bleep do we know”. talks about what is reality, why are we here, quantum physics and shit like that. interesting thing mentioned was this “messages from water” and i’m looking it up right now….. when i should be studying for the test that i’ve got tmr.

if water indeed has consciousness and memory, we gon be praying over our water, playing it healing music, wont be needing medicine, undoing water pollution. it’s crazy.

i’m not entirely convinced, just cause i dont believe in anything and everything anyway. but i do know that thoughts are powerful. which is why prayer and meditation and all that works. also why i always am thinking/talking t myself.

and since we’re made up mostly of water, i guess our thoughts do have an effect on the water structure, though i feel it’s not so direct.

fellow songwriters, look it up. it’s overwhelming. but dont believe all you’re told. think about it. and decide for yourself.


my conclusion is that, there is no reality, we dont even exist, science is bull. ha.


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