headed down to orlando to get a jacket so i stop shivering in classes. too lazy t carry my parkas which are thick and bulky, or my leather jacket which will make me look insane cause it’s fricking summer in fricking florida.

ended up getting a jacket AND a cap. was deciding b/w autobots and orlando magic, and since the LOCKOUT’s on and the ’11-’12 season isnt happening, TF3.

walked over t fest bay mall at 12.45, and so, temptation presented itself in the form of Cinemark.

154mins short. it felt so short. so damn good. i cld’ve cried when optimus lost his arm.

and i sat thru the scrolling credits, saw “singapore” appear there… and the lights came on. WHAAAT. was hoping i’d get t watch iridescent in 3d. guess cinemark isnt in the list of theaters screening the music video.

anyway. hearing mike’s voice over everything during the movie, awesome.

and the surround sound system was so much better than the theater where i watched tron for REMT assignment. also, it’s free seating and thr werent many people so i was at a really great spot.

tempted t watch green lantern and cars 2. ha. half a week left in this break.


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