merry x’mas everybody

so this is what i have. gon build a vocal booth and mount it on the mic stand/the corner.

my headphones are dying. okay, just the cable, near the jack. probably have t cut open the rubber and solder the wires back. (meaning i need a soldering gun…) right side keeps disappearing. think i’ve only used these for half a year? and no rough handling. grr. buying a replacement cable is gon take like 50 bucks.

and it’s x’mas! hmm. dont ask me why.



my gear got here at just around 5.

and so this mess was created in the living room, right by the door cause i cldnt wait t check everything in the box.

and i think my friend here looks good. it’s gon make my life a lil more komplete.


tempted t get a guitar. or some other instrument. need t be touching something other than the macbooks.

okay so i’m looking at guitars mainly cause i dont want t/cant study.

i’m walking out every 5 mins when trying t study. but am able t sit in front of the laptop all day doing anything else.

anyway here’s a 60s thing i did for some grp work background music for radio ad that’s on a modern rock/metal station hahaha i came up with this during lab so excuse the lousiness of this.


placed my orders for sm57, cables, stand, NI Komplete Audio 6… second grade to duet2, but half the price, and more inputs. really hope it doesnt have issues with logic.

guess my m-audio midi controller has t be put on hold… indefinitely.

cant wait for the gear t arrive.

soon i’ll be wanting a better selection of mics. and maybe more. ha.

this is the wall of the audi i have labs in.

am i supposed t get inspired by the glowing apple?

oh yea, was thinking of getting a SM57+X2u USB Digital Bundle. anyone used the X2u before? need t know if it’s of quality. or should i get the apogee duet?