“i’ll… be… right… here…”

so i’m back from orlando.

new stuff since my visit 4.5 years ago: the simpsons ride, rockit, harry potter.

so the simpsons was good. the 4/5D experience with SMELL added. very nice.

i rode the rockit twice. it’s better than dragon challenge. and you get t see your own video after the ride. and laugh at yourself.

harry potter. 3D projection. worth the wait time, worth getting early entrance for.

of course thr’s dragon challenge, hulk, spider man, MIB, mummy, jurassic park, and the wet rides, but the thrill has dropped cause i’ve been on those before.

so yea. if you think USS is good, come here and be mind-blown, intestine-cleansed.

and for those ministers / want-to-be-ministers, forget abt taking your moms to USS.

next vacation i get, i wanna go see R2D2 at hollywood studios. last time i was here it still was called MGM.

oh yeah. almost forgot. BUTTERBEER! non-alcoholic (i’m underaged anyway) but good nonetheless. only at the wizarding world of harry potter.

and t the twitter-fam, sorry if i havent been replying tweets. no longer on wi-fi 24/7.


4 responses to ““i’ll… be… right… here…”

  1. reading the ‘i’m underaged’ thing made my chuckle.

    love and miss you! (: since you’re not so much on twitter/fb, update here more okayy!

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