got an email from the Leon… eco music challenge. it’s been a year. should i put some stuff up this year?

so these days i’m spending almost half a day, everyday, following the NBA Playoffs. (triple-OT, whaat!) but yea, these days arent very productive.

well this evening’s gon be good… it’d better be. missing basketball practice for this. my commitment / priority rankings dont exist no more. i’m retired.

and tmr i’ve got t meet up with some people for dinner, thursday back t balling, friday head back t school maybe, saturday and sunday reserved for my bro coming in from TW.

and it’d be the end of another week, and monday… i’d be left with 21.

found this quite interesting.

same title!

we’re messed up people who wont fit in, head off to find a society we can accept.

it’s great that we’re moving off to find freedom, go off and never come back.


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