here’s the demo.


gon let it sink in, get the mix down tmr morning, and then decide if i want t put it up.

and by tmr, it’ll be June.



working on the track.

added some (more) warped perc right at the end, layered the bass, placed in (even more) dissonant instruments. and of course, the mellotron sampler.

a mellotron is megatron’s cousin. okay not quite.

3 of 3 from 3-point range, 1 of 2 from the field. 11 points in a win t wrap up my 7.5 years in competitive basketball. much thanks t the SIM team for letting me be a part of this.


new shit.

Earth’s Grudge (inst.)

Even without
The quakes and shakes
We’d be at wakes
Cause life still breaks
Right now we’ve been
pushed to the brink
Broken the links
Gone in a blink

If the earth were to bear a grudge on us
We’d be judged for the hurt on her we’d thrust
If we cared if the world was made to last
We would swear to repair this earth’s crust
Cause when all that’s left are but ashes and dust
After all that’s past, under all that rust
How this void so vast has spread so fast
We’ll regret, what we’d said, what we’d thought, what we’d done

Won’t stop this feeling
Won’t help the healing
This earth’s in decay
away, we
Hide from the shadows
Fearing the light, the night
Things that we know
And so

might become my NEA submission.

if i get t recording the vocals (properly) within the next few days.

graduation ceremony yesterday. skipped it. met them all, lunch.

back t sch studios t settle shit, got pissed, gave up, left at round 6. they’d better get me my check soon.

gon have my last proper training session tnight, and the team wants t head out t drink after. not quite interested, but yea they’re saying it’s my farewell so i guess i gotta be thr.

and tmr aftnn i’ll play my last game, at bbaxn.

Aziatix are performing at beer market tnight. doubt i’ll be able t head down.



messed up. once again.

i’ve messed up. cause all’s my fault, my problem, my responsibility.

too many misunderstandings thanks t my smart ass comments.

guess i need t be less smart, less real, less honest, less quick.