4/4 = 4 beats in a bar

got the third track t arrange. it’s nuts.

sudden changes t 3/4, 5/4, then a stop (cant call it kicks and attacks) for 7 beats…

and i dont quite know if the notes are bent/flattened intentionally or… haha. i thought the first 2 vox recs were bad… this is… hmm.

was told that a lecturer wld be mixing the tracks. so i was like, Geoff? and was told, no, er, Timothy.

he wants my session files. meaning he’s mixing in logic… or rather, just gon be making adjustments t my mix… haha. i almost fell off my chair.

will work on it tmr. gotta get in work mode and stop criticizing/complaining/ranting/spitting sarcasm.

aside from this proj…

i responded t the dmatsc email yesterday on HELP DESPERATELY NEEDED. cause i thought they really meant that help was desperately needed. tday i got a reply,

We are good, thanks for offering!
you can come down to enjoy the music and mingle! theres pizza and food 🙂
mingle. er, nope.

2 responses to “4/4 = 4 beats in a bar

    • Tim is mixing! haha. I don’t know. I give up on this proj alr. I can ask the guy if he wants, let you do the mix. will get back t you.

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