“Say hip-hop only destroy, tell ’em look at me, boy
I hope your son don’t have a gun and never be a D-boy”

Lupe Fiasco – The Show Goes On


was tryna write my essay… a thousand words… here’s part of it.

Currently, as a “jobless, useless, functionless” person, as a lecturer of mine puts it, I am working on some hip-hop/rap songs, writing whenever I can, and coming up with beats and melodies on my laptop. I write on just about anything – my experiences, setbacks, accomplishments, the world, society, and life as I see, hear, or read it.

Many people do not think highly of hip-hop and rap, as most rapstars now blabber about money, alcohol, sex and guns. Hip-hop is not meant to be about fancy cars, riches and fame, or living the high life; the hip-hop I believe in speaks the truth about the world we live in, empowers those who are struggling, conquers fear, and sets people free.


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