just thought i’d put this up. something Leon wrote. we did the visuals for this on the day of gradshow itself (march 12).

We are indeed living in perilous times…  and it is imperative to be aware of the precious truth.  The truth is, we possess great power…

We have the power to change, and it is our responsibility to change.  When we change ourselves, we change our world.

What is happening now in the world is not random, it is not accidental, it is not chance.  It is a direct consequence of our actions and the actions of those who came before us…

Everything we eat, everything we drink, everything we buy, everything we think, everything we say, everything we do, shapes or devastates the world…

We can no longer afford to live unconsciously,

We can no longer afford to ignore consequences of our actions

We dedicate this next song to the victims of the Japan Tsunami

If we do not care about them today, no one will care about us tomorrow…


well, i put in “everything we say, everything we do”. ha. but that’s besides the point.

point is, we need t be thinking bout this. there’s truth in this.


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