gradshow. is. over.

while i still am feeling this, here’s my thank you speech thing.

lighting crew! vanessa, jiamin, sharyl. first time doing lights and ya’ll were really great. i’m being biased but i gotta say, it really was good.

visuals crew. vincent, doreen, wendy. we had t edit/add in stuff right up t the minute before the show, and it turned out nice. vincent, go get sleep.

stage. without ya’ll running ard the show wldnt have flowed. thanks. especially Gabriel Ang, haha.

exho, design, publication. esp doreen and wendy for getting the boards up, getting the site up, organizing everything. jonathan for designing stuff. and everyone for running it. dingchao for getting things together. amelia for prog booklet.

composers guild. for doing all that shit and getting it thrown back and re-doing that shit.

props, your efforts are much appreciated.

dancers. the problems faced and all, we got thru it, and the perf was awesome.

performers, band members, good show. great show.

core comm. for doing all the shit work. lasting thru meetings. getting everything together. thanks.

and of course, our lecturers. the Leon, Erica, Gerald, everyone. Erica, dont hold your pee in too often.

much thanks t everyone for lasting through all the screw-ups, for the breaks at the taxi stand, for chanting “steph, eat!”, and one last thing…



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