2 days before i disappear.

leaving on sunday, gotta go t ICOM for berklee aud+int. back tues night, wed morning we move in t Audi.

been at band prac, monitoring dance prac, props, designing cds, collating data, replying too many emails, composing for website, meetings, discussions…

but right now my full time job is SCRIBING CDs.

as long as i’m not sleeping (4hrs) or traveling (3hrs), i’m scribing.

45 down, 105x20mins more t go.

hope i can complete everything before i leave. though i doubt it.

so engrossed in scribing… i printed 3 extra copies for shuyue… i took an hr before i realized?

still at band prac. editing dmateportfolio.

the show is falling apart. we need t be way tighter.

grading tomorrow. shld be interesting. i think i’ll offend people.


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