every bar.

anyway this is the mix i have so far.

somehow managed t sit myself down t get the report and presentation slides out.

so i’m now working on the mastering.

reference tracks. The Hard Way is way too compressed. nice.

EQ and respatializer. although i dont really know how to use the respatializer.

freq analyzer t help with checking for LF/HF balance.

will upload the master tomorrow. or later, if i can complete it.

gotta get the mastering done so i can complete the report and go kill trees print the stuff. and i gotta go get clamp files and burn cds and dvds.

i’m in such a mess i think when i read my report / do the presentation i’ll be like, when’d i type that?

and yea, I got the soundcloud app on my iPod… so I can work from my iPod… right.


gang vocalssss.


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