and beyond.

I’m stuck at scholarship training all of tday and tomorrow.

business medicine law science math engineering. harvard Princeton Yale cambridge ucl imperial.

“what book are you reading now?”
my MacBook. pro. i7.

I’ll probably try for GAMBIT and maybe apply for berklee. don’t actually want t do uni, but haven’t got much of a choice.

so for pod, gon have t rerecord work1 soon. will have t find a rec button presser haha.


pod 2 comments

effects more dramatic – reverbs and delays are fine, but need to grab listener

mids – more

michael: highs can change, not arpeggiator all the way – use LFO synths with delays fading in and out, like the new LP album

gerald: melody can vary and develop, leon+erica: it’s fine.

more distortion. try distortion on vocals.

will work on MuMI x SONG till friday, arranging assignment in the break, and work towards FINAL POD.

(i think my nice white clamp files and nice white envelope with nice white paper tea bags for my cds helped. ha.)

with under 12 hours

waiting for my track t get uploaded on soundcloud.

my mix is not quite there. especially after mastering the not so good things in the mix are even more obvious ahh.

right now i’m

and just

and i cld go on, but we’ll



and i wish i cld do this:


the best (in my opinion) track is When They Come For Me and i wld have somehow slot that into this post but they dont have a video for it so yea, we’ll save that for the next time i get stressed out.



every bar.

anyway this is the mix i have so far.

somehow managed t sit myself down t get the report and presentation slides out.

so i’m now working on the mastering.

reference tracks. The Hard Way is way too compressed. nice.

EQ and respatializer. although i dont really know how to use the respatializer.

freq analyzer t help with checking for LF/HF balance.

will upload the master tomorrow. or later, if i can complete it.

gotta get the mastering done so i can complete the report and go kill trees print the stuff. and i gotta go get clamp files and burn cds and dvds.

i’m in such a mess i think when i read my report / do the presentation i’ll be like, when’d i type that?

and yea, I got the soundcloud app on my iPod… so I can work from my iPod… right.


gang vocalssss.


Geoff took a listen t my work.
vocals need t be louder, brighter, in your face. need t match up t the huge kick. eq.
other than the vocals he didn’t comment abt anything.

haven’t actually touched the eq, and haven’t done glitching.
turned down work so i have tday and Friday t mix. and the weekend t finish up documentation, master, presentation slides.