i’ll put up the full track audio sample tomorrow, cause i’m not done with it.

switching t finale t work on lead sheet.

which has got me thinking of the title for the track.

it’s been ‘POD2 idea.1’; ‘POD2 idea.2’; up t .10 now.

so i was searching on what 105bpm should be classified under in italian terms, and ended up going t other pages and i came across this:


  1. In music, dying away; diminuendo at the end of a cadence.
  1. (music) Fading away in tone or tempo.
  1. Dying; a gradual decrescendo at the end of a strain or cadence.

basically means ‘dying’. but my track isnt a death march. (no Erica, it really isnt…)

so i was thinking of using this as the title:


still undecided.


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