very rough, not quite linking, but yea. here’s what i’ve got so far



I’ve never felt this way before

I’m like your prisoner of war

This endless fight, I do abhor

I can’t keep up, not anymore


This world is twisted, truth is but a lie

Just getting wasted, night after night

Now pop a shot, we spinning

My head’s now buzzing, floating, levitating and now

Breathe that bit of death

Suck in one hard breath


I’m pushed too far, this life’s a bore

My vision’s filled with blood and gore

I need someone to break my fall

I’m given up, go on no more


Everything loses meaning after time

Just becomes language, not worth a dime

I’m searching for the truth

I need to feel, not know or understand it, and I

Throw out all that trash

Watch it burn and crash


No longer who I was before

No more a prisoner of war

Once was the last, the least, the lost

I now am free, laid down my cross


the track i have now has C V C C Break C C V C, so i’m gon figure out how my lyrics will flow.


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