i’ll put up the full track audio sample tomorrow, cause i’m not done with it.

switching t finale t work on lead sheet.

which has got me thinking of the title for the track.

it’s been ‘POD2 idea.1’; ‘POD2 idea.2’; up t .10 now.

so i was searching on what 105bpm should be classified under in italian terms, and ended up going t other pages and i came across this:


  1. In music, dying away; diminuendo at the end of a cadence.
  1. (music) Fading away in tone or tempo.
  1. Dying; a gradual decrescendo at the end of a strain or cadence.

basically means ‘dying’. but my track isnt a death march. (no Erica, it really isnt…)

so i was thinking of using this as the title:


still undecided.


advice from The Leon

add distortion gtr at c4 t end

try round on vocals at c4 to end (staggered starts)

will work and upload another audio sample tnight.

pod 2 improvements

erica took a listen t my stuff and thr’re things t work on:

mids to pad it down, get the high arpeggiator to fit and not sound so raw.

bass. more. refer to usher’s caught up –

break – to cut?

working on it now, will upload an updated demo once i’m done.

work in progress

every week during/aft songwriting I’ll have the feel t do work.

but at six I head over t the court for basketball practice. aft which, the feel’s all gone.

anyway I’m trying t change parts of the lyrics cause thr might not be enough time t rec and mix if I rewrote the whole thing.

the choruses are okay, parts of the verses don’t fit the melody. like the high and long notes. certain words aren’t meant t be high and long notes.

pod 2 direction

so it’s gon be a downtempo track incorporating electronica elements.

referencing to tracks by Massive Attack, DJ Shadow.

skill sets – song writing and remt.

might be rewriting lyrics cause I’m not convinced what I have will work.