green song

so i submitted the green song last week, and then forgot about it.

gotta do mumi for ddm now. with my head hurting like, i dont know.

POD 2. still waiting for Sharyl t confirm if she can shit out a good song.

so for now,

1. try t survive ITP. try not t jump off the roof/fall off the scaffold.

2. complete mumi NOW.

3. go ‘Like’ jolene’s track on the NEA thing.


2 responses to “green song

  1. Thank you steph! I’m liking yours too! 🙂

    Anyway, you should contact sharyl…cause i think she’s waiting for you. Later u wait for her, she wait for u. gg liao.

    • haha i did tell her that if by the end of ITP she still doesnt have a song then the collab is off. wont have time t do anything much during ITP with my working hours this crazy anyway.

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