on POD 2: prob gon write a song. just do a different genre.

maybe pop-electronica-dance-kpop kinda thing.

which means i dont quite have t record instruments hahaha yay.

on ITP: tiring, but i’m kinda enjoying work, on days.

like tday. even with the crazy weather and us working outdoors, on the rooftop.

lifting huge speakers up, flying led screens and stuff.

climbing up and down the scaffold, pushing flight cases across the carpark.

like why do you need 24 r-series and 40 led screens?

but tday was alright.

setting up lighting tmr.

waiting t get my recordings for green song, props t jolene and amelia. and leon.

gon edit and mix and submit.

working 7 days a week, odd hours = hardly any time t THINK.

die, i need more songwriting talks. i mean classes.


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