shot dead

okay not quite.

presented my pod work 1.

refinements t be made.

  • melody on rhymed words (end of phrases) should move upward in pitch.
  • fat bass and fat guitar needed. real fat t hold the track down.
  • drums need t be more fake. (chopped hip hop loops/808 kik snr/other drum machine sounds)
  • record real cymbals t get the mess.
  • move up key.
  • fire the vocalist. or not. erica against gerald and michael.
  • more synth sounds.
  • remove rim shot from intro. (WHYYYY) haha.


  1. RECORD.
  2. the low D# is not in my range.
  3. mike shinoda is mike shinoda. God.

gotta think deeper, experiment, based on the comments.

it’s quite crazy cause the lecturers are giving various directions.

obviously gotta record the guitars.

but, gotta decide on vocalist and key first.

melody has t be changed slightly.

which means chords may need t be adjusted.

and i need t confirm my concept for work 2 so i can start.


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