what now?

recorded rap for houston’s track at his home studio this morning. was fun. his track’s gon blow. growl X rap. looking forward t hearing the completed stuff.

so since submission and presentation has been pushed back, i figured i should use this time to improve stuff, but i dont know what to do.

if i add lines / synths / effects = changing my arrangement stuff = edit the scores = edit the report = edit the mix = write automation again. YAY.

anyway i dont know what to add. i like the current sounds. the wind synths and mad-high string pads.

for the sounds, i might make the guitars even “heavier”. other than that i dont know what else i should do.

perhaps i’ll leave my work for now. take it into studio A (if the studio is free) and check the mix on the speakers there. been working on headphones and checking on small speakers, hi-fi system.

and for POD2, definitely gon change concept.

will either be a collab with Sharyl, or a track that does R&B/dance/electronica/trip-hop.

i clearly havent found direction for work 2.


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