what now?

recorded rap for houston’s track at his home studio this morning. was fun. his track’s gon blow. growl X rap. looking forward t hearing the completed stuff.

so since submission and presentation has been pushed back, i figured i should use this time to improve stuff, but i dont know what to do.

if i add lines / synths / effects = changing my arrangement stuff = edit the scores = edit the report = edit the mix = write automation again. YAY.

anyway i dont know what to add. i like the current sounds. the wind synths and mad-high string pads.

for the sounds, i might make the guitars even “heavier”. other than that i dont know what else i should do.

perhaps i’ll leave my work for now. take it into studio A (if the studio is free) and check the mix on the speakers there. been working on headphones and checking on small speakers, hi-fi system.

and for POD2, definitely gon change concept.

will either be a collab with Sharyl, or a track that does R&B/dance/electronica/trip-hop.

i clearly havent found direction for work 2.


say whaaat

i’ve been working till 2 almost every night and now thr’s a possibility the deadline and presentation is pushed back?

in the real world, if you cant meet the deadline, you die.

so anyway, added distortion and overdrive on the two gtrs, respectively.

also pushed the levels of the synth sounds higher at points.

just some slight changes.

finished preparing my report and presentation.

probably just gon do some slight tweaks t the sounds, if needed.

type type type

typing with my fingers like this:

not fun.

anyway, working on report and presentation slides even though i’m unsure what needs t be in there.

change done t the mix at the bridge – the “haha” is pushed ‘back’ and has a slight delay t it. also, drums tuned -2.

also working on scoring in finale, i’ve completed the stuff but again, unsure if there’s anything else.


playing around with effects and blending reverbs, i might have overdone stuff with the vocals though. still writing automation on the busses, but this is the rough mix.

still am working on scoring, almost done.

analyzing chords as well.

do i simply put Em Am Em Em(maj7) throughout the track?
and i figured that if i named my midi guitars as ‘keytars’ i’d get away with it…? perhaps.

comments, please. much appreciated.

and yes i finally got a title!


which is a phrase in the pre-chorus.

studio tomorrow

will be recording vocals tomorrow.

hope i can last through the session with my throat in the state it’s in right now.

and this has nothing t do with POD, but yea.

tday at ACM,

i realized how awesome my chinese is. ha.