improvements to be made

got to speak with Erica about my work tday, and here’re some of the things mentioned to be improved on:

pno line: change t gtr at certain points – heavier.
tweaking of pno sound within the piece (e.g. eq)
ending – layering, unison with pno (gtr)
synth wind sound – use more airy spacey sounds, like in techno, use modulator.
can extend int (double).
end of bridge – break in rhythm – all inst follow drums, going to chorus.
C3 and C4 drum rhythm change.
jerk/stop going to outro.
bridge pno comping – double time, strings – lesser movement.

so i’m working on these. will put up version 1.2 of the midi guide once it’s done.

will speak with Leon on lyrics when i see him for songwriting tomorrow morning.

and i’m hiring record-button-presser. interested parties leave a comment. much appreciated.

need t complete the recording of vocals during term break (which is next week).


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