besides vocals and backing vocals, i’m planning to record the piano track, and if i can get sessionists and/or if time permits, the bass and electric guitars.

currently working on the scoring, looking through the chords and voicings.

and since songwriting and arranging are the chosen skill sets for this work i will be focusing more on refining the lyrics and the arrangement. will arrange to meet with Leon and/or Erica to look through these.

(i admit, i dont have much t update on this week.)

and i mentioned ‘if time permits’ because i’m gon be struggling with 2 sp trainings, 2 hornets trainings and 1 game each week. guess i’m gon retire from basketball t focus on music. soon. perhaps.


3 responses to “planning

    • haha, i was referring to bass and electric? but yea, thanks. will let you know if i need help. 🙂

      and feel free t come t me if thr’s anything i can help with.

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