so this is what i have as of now.
havent decided on a title.


Verse 1:

Feels like I’m about to break
All that weight, too much to take
Bottled up, six damn years
How long more you gonna wait
Built a wall, piled up the hate
In my head, it’s code red
Passion’s gone, looking forlorn
Lost the game, what a shame


Commitment plus responsibility
At the cost of myself, oh set me free


Tired, exhausted
Strength’s been depleted
Reason i’m fighting for
Doesn’t exist no more
Take all the pain away
Left to drown in dismay
Fire’s a shade of grey
Now hold on tight, we’re taking flight

Verse 2:

Flash and fade, running in my head
Toss and turn. what do I yearn
Everything that I’ve known
Leaves me now for my own
Turn away, I will be okay
Start tonight, I’ll be alright
Passion’s gone, we’ve said so long
Lost the game, what a shame



Bridge (rap):

You’re boiling mad // It’s so bad //
Simmer down now // Wipe that frown //
Off your brow // Cause somehow //
You know // fo’ sho’ //
You don’t quit // under pressure //
Take a hit // prove you’re legit //
A fighter // just gotta go higher //
When you’re frozen with fear // no one will hear //
You’re like a bicycle // two-tired (ha-ha) //
Now get wired // get fired // and ready to go


cause today was tomorrow yesterday // when your life becomes a cycle //
You’re like a bicycle // two-tired (ha-ha) //
Now get wired // get fired // and ready to go






guide for song

so here’s the whole track.

based on a looped motif played by the e gtr, expanded into the full song.

uses Em and Em pentatonic scale (in pre-chorus).

intro [8], Verse 1 [8], pre 1 [2], chorus 1 [8], int [2], V2, P2, C2, bridge [8], C3, brk [4], C4, outro [4].